Our pricing is very basic and easy to understand so there are no hidden costs!


  • including bike hire, equipment loan etc £150
  • Please note – if CBT takes more than one day there will be a minimal charge of £50 to resit.
  • £115 renew on your own bike

 Test Training Courses

Theory / hazard perception test fee, (£23.00)
Module 1 test fee, (£15.50)
Module 2 test fee, (£75,00)

Bike hire, fuel, loan of equipment (helmet, jacket, gloves),

  • NOTE – For holders of a current CBT Completion Certificate (DL196)

Category A1 – £32.50 per hour

  • Small motorcycles up to 11kw / 14.6bhp / 125cc.
  • Minimum Age 17 years.

Category A2 – £32.50 per hour

  • Medium motorcycles up to 25-35kw / 33-46bhp / 395cc,
  • Minimum Age 19 years.

Category A – £32.50 per hour

  • Direct Access (unlimited in size and power).
  • Minimum Age 24 years.

Category A Progressive Access – £Price on Application

  • For those who have held a category A2 licence for 2 years OR have reached age 24
  • Price available following a ‘road skills assessment’.

Less than 48 hrs notice of not being able to attend will incur the charge of the lesson.
Deposits are non-refundable

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