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Joe-Sheard-Small“Brill Bloke, really friendly and helpful, learnt a lot. Deffo recommend. Had a good time.”



Joe Sheard – Bulwell – 28/02/2015

Luke-Beedall-Small “I really enjoyed the CBT training and the instructor is really respectful and a nice person!”


Luke Beedall – Hucknall – 28/02/2015


barry-winterburn-small“Had a fabulous few weeks training with you, brilliant instructor,have learnt so much, would highly recommend you to anybody. Filled me with confidence which enabled me to pass Mod 1 & 2 . Thanks again for all your help”

Barry Winterburn – Cleethorpes – 24/02/2015


Jack-Rea-Small“Great instructor, fair, fun and sensible. I feel safe and secure when riding a motorbike. I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone. Thank you Pete.”


Jack Rea – Beechdale – 19/02/2015


Mathew-Wilson-Small“A true professional who knows his craft inside and out. Very lucky to have trained under him, would highly recommend.”


Mathew Wilson – Nottingham – 21/11/2014


Phillip-Skinner-Small“At the start I was very nervous but towards the end I was much more relaxed and that was because of Pete’s calmness and willingness to help me when I was stressed! Great job Pete.”


Phillip Skinner – Ilkeston – 21/11/2014


Georgia-Lee-Whittam-small“Really good, didn’t think it would be as fun, You should come and try.”



Georgia Whittam – Nottingham – 20/11/2014

Isaac-Rowe-das-small“Very good instructor, felt confident very quickly, instructions were clear plus anything I was unsure about I could ask and would get a polite informative response.”


Isaac Rowe – Nottingham – 06/11/2014


Tony-Mitchell-Small“Great instructor, very instructive and right to the point.”



Tony Mitchel – Top Valley – 31/10/2014


Garren-Meredith-Small“Very Good, enjoyed the day, will be back.”



Garren Meredith – Long Eaton – 29/10/2014



“Excellent, Very good day!”



Sean Pope – Bilborough – 29/10/2014



“Great day! Loved it! Good instructor (Pete) We had a laugh a he was always giving feedback, good and constructive to help me on my way.”


Graham Turnbull – Hucknall – 28/10/2014

Jaden-Greenfield-small “It was a good day and a nice ride. I really had fun.”



Jayden Greenfield – Bestwood – 10/10/2014


“Fantastic instructor. Very passionate and a true pleasure to work with. Would highly recommend.”


Lyle Shaw – Calverton – 09/10/2014


“Personal, friendly, professional and fun.”



Danielle Haysum – Nottingham – 08/10/2014


“Really enjoyed myself, nervous to begin with but solid, relaxed instruction – with understanding helped emensley. Great instructor, friendly and made it really fun! Highly recommend.”

Alex Johnson – Nottingham – 05/09/2014


“Brilliant job! Lovely bloke to work with, very calm and instructive, have enjoyed every minute. Thanks mate!”


Steyel Collins – Newark – 04/09/2014



“Had a great time and passed after my second try. Alwasy remember your life savers! Thanks.”


Jake White – Top Valley – 03/09/2014


“Great day, I started off quite nervous but soon got the hang of it. Will definitely recommend to friends and return for my big bike training.”


Victoria Hanman – Mansfield – 30/08/2014


“I really enjoyed today. The instructor was nice, patient and very supportive. and has boosted my confidence a lot. :-)”


Billie Jean Couchman – Eastwood – 29/08/2014


“Really enjoyed the day, very good tuition. Pete was very good, will definitely return for more training.”


John Trout – Cropwell Bishop – 27/08/2014


“Brilliant day, made everything easy to understand. Made to feel very comfortable, will recommend to friends.”


Benjamin Skevington – Carlton – 26/08/2014


“Really good. Good training, told us a lot about the bikes.”



Jed Tetley – Nottingham – 26/08/2014


“Very good training, informative, learned a lot, more than I thought I would. Will come back for big bike training.


Isaac Rowe – Nottingham – 19/08/2014 (CBT)

Tim-Booker-Small“Very good instructor, will be coming back for big bike test.”



Tim Booker – Mansfield – 18/08/2014



“Pete was very helpful and patient, I felt comfortable and confident riding with such a relaxed instructor. I enjoyed every minute of the day and will definitely be coming back to do bigger bike test. ”

Ashley Hooper Carrasco – Grantham – 15/08/2014



“He was really really good. Would recommend to others.”



Dane Winfield – Stapleford – 14/08/2014


“Brilliant, took time to explain things that I didn’t understand. Will highly Recommend.”



Sarah Donoghue – Sandiacre – 14/08/2014


“Very good instructor and very helpful. Top man! :-)”



Scott Winfield – Stapleford – 11/082014


“Fantastic, Would recommend highly. Beats the crap out of Shires and Beechdale (Roadcraft)”



Gavin Lunt – Hucknall – 11/08/2014


“Very good course, no problems. Would recommend to others.”



Max Heath – Nottingham – 04/08/2014


“Fantastic instructor, great knowledge and confidence building! Really enjoyable from start to finish and great no pressure atmosphere. Thank you.”


Ed Redgrave – West Bridgeford – 03/08/2014


Michelle-Denholme-small“All I can say is amazing! Fantastic training, confidence for me was an issue, feeling so much more relaxed now. Thank you.”


Michelle Denholme – Nottingham – 3/08/2014


“Very good, very helpful and enjoyed very much.”



Connor Hodgett – Heanor – 31/07/2014


“Excellent day! Learned new things and now more confident!!                                                           Pete is a superb teacher and has a very good style!”


Dr Puran Khandelwal – Nottingham – 26/07/2014


“Really good day!! Cool guy, would deffo come back for bike training and test :-)”



Josh Brown – West Bridgeford – 26/07/14


“A good course, very thorough. Lots of clear explanations.”



Lauren Stansfield – Nottingham – 12/07/14



“Felt very confident with Pete and I felt no pressure at all. I liked that he was happy for me to come back to gain more experience at on extra cost.”


Sandra Booth – Carlton – 12/07/2014

Nottingham CBT 07 small

” Very helpful, will be taking Direct Access with Pete.”



Darren Hoggard – Hucknall – 20/06/2014


Nottingham CBT 06 small

“Clear, concise and enthusiastic teaching which made it very enjoyable, I would definitely recommend future candidates coming to the school and cannot praise the school enough, I’ll be back.”

Francesco Labbate – Wollaton – 14/06/2014

Nottingham CBT 05 small

“Really really good! Thanks  :-)”



Richard Huskinson – Beeston – 14/06/2014

Nottingham CBT 04 small

“Very good, really enjoyed it. Pete is very laid back, friendly, great instructor, highly recommend. Should charge more money as teaching is very good!”

Nichola Trapp – Carlton – 08/06/2014

Nottingham CBT 03 small

“Absolutely amazing experience today, very informative and friendly to make my CBT the best it could be!”


Craig Capps – Bestwood – 06/06/2014

Nottingham CBT 02 small

“A good day of CBT training!”



Charlie Barnaby – Nottingham – 02/06/2014

CBT training nottingham small

“Very good training, very helpful information.”



Geoffrey Meller – Nottingham – 31/05/2014


Nottingham CBT small

“Everything was very clear and very proffessional.”


Przemyslaw Rachwalski – Nottingham – 17/05/2014

cbt Nottingham Training 2 small” Pete is bang on and I really enjoyed the day! Thanks for everything, would recommend to anybody!”

Jamie Gardner – Nottingham – 17/05/2014


CBT Nottingham test small

“It was great, needed more time but Pete didn’t charge any extra. practice made perfect!”

Martin Pritchett  – Nottingham – 14/05/2014


CBT Nottingham Training 1 small

“Had a fantastic time, answered every question and you can see the passion for the job and will definitely be using for motorcycle test in the future.”

Jonathan Poynton – Nottingham – 10/05/2014

nottingham cbt test small

“Excellent. Thank you, would recommend to everyone. Cheers!”


Richard Smith – Shipley – 12/04/2014

cbt Nottingham 7 small

“Very friendly relaxed and very welcoming . Patient and will explain everything multiple times.”


Jake Smith – Shipley – 12/04/2014

cbt Nottingham 6 small

“Started the day very nervous but as the day went on Peter built up my confidence and by the end of the day I was buzzing, Really Cool!”


Darren Poxon – Carrington 22/03/2014

CBT Nottingham 5 small

“Friendly and caring instructor, more than happy. I will recommend to anyone, Thanks!”


Marcin Kaleta – Nottingham – 22/03/2014


Notts Motorcycle Training small

“Brilliant instruction, clear and concise at all times. I had a great day and learnt alot.”


Jayson Pearce – 15/03/2014

CBT Test Nottingham small

“I thought that it was very enjoyable, I think that Pete was a very good instructor!”


David Stimpson – 09/03/2014

Nottingham CBT small

“Very good training, Love it!”



Paul Yates – 09/03/2014

Nottingham CBT 2 head

“Pete was very positive and thorough.”



John Hall – 08/03/2014

Nottingham CBT 2 small

“Good instructors, definitely got moneys worth, Thanks Pete!”


Ray Smith – 08/03/2014


CBT Nottingham

“The nicest instructor you will ever meet! Thanks Will be back soon.”


Pijus Kreivenas – 6th Oct 2013

“Passed my test 1st time with these guys in November. Great training and low cost!”

Jay Campbell – 30th Jan 2014

motorbike training 3

“Dave and pete helped me so much. Quality training and a more than competitive price.”


Lance Webster – 16th Aug 2013

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